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Why Commission a Pet Portrait?

charcoal portrait drawing of horse

I've met so many great people over the years who have commissioned me for charcoal pet portraits, and their stories are all unique.

charcoal pet portrait of Stella the Therapy Dog poodle
Stella admiring her freshly groomed portrait

Some people (like me) just love their furry family members so much that they want to immortalize them in a portrait that they can have forever. How could you ever be unhappy waking up to your best friend staring at you from the wall (I mean, immediately after waking up to them licking or pawing at your face of course) or having them smile at you in your office after a tough day at work?

Others have gotten in touch looking for a special gift for the pet lovers in their life, or for that friend who has everything.

charcoal pet portrait of  dog framed

What's more personal than commissioning a portrait of the fluffy buddy who brings them joy, or giving them a gift certificate towards something they would have never thought of buying for themselves, but will cherish forever?

I've also had many people tell me their heartbreaking stories of a special pet they've lost. I know the pain all too well, and I always empathize and try to capture the unique personalities of their friends as best I can. We have shared many tears, and if I'm lucky enough to meet them in person, many hugs. If I can help memorialize their missed pet and make them smile, then I've done my job.

charcoal drawing of keeshond

Finally, people commission pet portraits because pets make fabulous art. I've never heard anyone claim they get bored of looking at a picture of an adorable animal (and our internet obsession proves this). Pets are just so cool, fun and expressive with such unique personalities.

I'm grateful to be able to do what I do, and regardless of the reasoning for the commission, I hope that my work brings many years of happiness to the fabulous pet people I've been lucky enough to meet.

charcoal pet portrait of a cute dog.

A special thanks to my lovely clients who have provided me with the beautifully framed photos of my work to illustrate this blog post, you are awesome and appreciated.



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